Deliver your school fees in a simple, transparent and non-intrusive way that builds trust with families and boost enrolments.

If your school is still relying on a PDF or a ‘Table of Fees’ to present school fees, let us introduce you to the new way that innovative schools are using to engage with families on school fees – the Feesable School Fee Calculator – a simple solution to help parents learn about your school and generate more enrolment enquiries.

Join other innovative schools partnering with Feesable with the FACTS schools partner offer.


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Join the innovative schools partnering with Feesable

All Saints' College

Learn how All Saints' College increased enrolment conversions to an all-time high through a transparent process facilitated by Feesable

No longer wanting to be left behind with the latest innovations and technology, the college did away with the traditional PDF fee schedule, and partnered with Feesable to deliver a rich experience to families, while generating qualified leads to fill their enrolment pipeline. Read the full customer story to learn more.

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Start delivering a simple and transparent experience for families, and open a new channel for enrolment enquiries with the FACTS schools offer* – simply fill out the form to get started with Feesable, or email to learn more.


Feesable School Fee Calculator
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  • Flexible Free Trial
  • Premium Onboarding Support

* Offer exclusive to FACTS schools only, and for new Feesable customers. Flexible free trial includes setup of a custom fee calculator for unlimited testing for 30 days, which may be extended on request, and for up to 3 months. Limited time only. Pricing subject to change.

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