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The Feesable Calculator helps your school to build trust with families while delivering quality enrolment enquiries and creating efficiencies for your team.

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… while generating valuable enrolment enquiries and creating efficiencies for your school.

Simple & Smart

Your custom Fee Calculator sits nicely in your school website. Fee estimate results display instantly, an email is sent to parents, and schools receive the fee enquiry data for follow up.

"One question I rarely get is 'how much are your fees?' because they've already gone and done the Fee Calculator."


Emily Savery
Registrar - Hillcrest Christian College

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"The Fee Calculator has exponentially increased our online enquiries, and significantly added to our overall enquiries."


Ruth Thompson
Kuyper Christian School

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“The Feesable Fee Calculator has transformed the visibility of our fees for the better, and allowed us to have full confidence in our entire enrolment pipeline.”


Ben Fitzpatrick
Director of Marketing & Community Relations - All Saints' College

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"Enquiries are through the roof - We were taking enquiries via too many platforms so have recently streamlined them to the Fee Calculator and via the school website.

Katrina Telfer
Registrar - Carinya Christian School

“Feesable takes the pressure off, allowing you to spend more time on relationship management and nurturing new leads...


Brenton Luchow
Marketing & Communications Manager - Central Coast Adventist School

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"It's really helpful data that can be brought into a bigger picture narrative of how people are engaging with the College."


David Gray
Director of Mission & Community, Belmont Christian College

"We cannot recommend the Feesable Fee Calculator highly enough - it has become a key resource to assist and encourage new enquiries."



Brendan Wood
Green Point Christian College

"We are having lots of people utilise the calculator which is wonderful. Thank you for supplying such a useful product!"


Alison Atherton
Wyong Christian Community School

Build trust through transparency

Transparency breeds trust. Establishing trust with prospective parents will have a huge impact on the enrolment decision. Plus offering great customer experiences will boost retention and turn current families into brand advocates for your school.

Sustain enrolments

Feesable offers parents a simple way to gain the valuable information on fees that they need. For prospective parents, we provide clear pathways to learn more, which provides a flow of valuable enquiries for schools to boost enrolments.

Create efficiencies

Your admissions team will save time with less emails and calls with questions about fees – parents come to tours, interviews, and apply knowing what the costs will be. Your finance team saves valuable time with our smart integrations and data processing solutions.

Gain insight

Understand more about who is interested in your school, how to contact them, where they are from and what they think about your fees.

Everybody wins with Feesable

As a school marketer, you know the importance of meaningful connection with parents, which often begins on your website.

The Feesable Fee Calculator is an elegant solution to improve your customer experience and help you build trust with prospective parents by providing instant, personalised fee estimates unique to your school's fee structure.

By collecting valuable information such as entry year, year group, and email, Feesable will become an essential marketing tool for increasing the quality, and quantity of your leads. Not to mention being one of the most effective ways to maximise ROI on your ad spend with a super low cost per enquiry.

With clear visibility of leads, and seamless integration with your school CRM, you can effectively track the journey of families from initial enquiry through to application, providing excellent reporting for your school leadership.

Partnering with Feesable will help you to get the most out of your marketing budget and grow your school, without investing more time.

As a business manager, you understand the importance of cost-effective solutions that drive growth and create efficiencies. That's why the Feesable Fee Calculator is the perfect fit for your school.

The Feesable Calculator seamlessly integrates into your website, providing instant fee estimates to prospective parents, specifically tailored to your school's fee structures. This provides a steady stream of new leads to bolster and sustain enrolments.

Gain efficiencies for your finance team, and deliver a simple experience for current families through our smart solutions for creating payment plans and fee processes.

Partner with Feesable to help you build trust with families, create efficiencies for your teams, and sustain enrolments that drive sustainable growth for your school.

Processing fees for your school community is a complex task at the best of times. Handling enquiries about fees from parents or your admissions team is not the best use of your time. With Feesable, you can save time and spend it on the most important tasks.

The Feesable Calculator delivers a simple experience to make often complex fees a breeze for parents to work out. It does all the hard work to create personalised fee estimates for families including discounts, levies and optional extra costs. This allows parents, new and current, can work out the fees themselves and means far less questions for you and your team!

With our smart solutions, Feesable can help to streamline your fee processing for new and current families. From creating fee quotes and payment plans, to connecting your systems - Feesable can help save time, create efficiencies and deliver excellent customer experiences for your community.

Data-driven decision making

Feesable offers meaningful data to help you with strategic planning, marketing campaigns and fee strategies.


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* data for 2023, taken from the 2023 School Fee Insights Report.

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