A simple solution to help parents with research and provide schools with valuable enrolment enquiries

By offering a simple and meaningful experience to help parents work out school fees, the Feesable Fee Calculator generates valuable enrolment enquiries for schools, and ultimately helps to boost enrolments.

For parents

Simplicity and clarity

Tuition fees play an important part in the decision-making process for parents in choosing a school. Parents need to understand the fees, but fee information can often be complex and difficult for parents to work out. In today’s interactive, transactional culture, people expect more than just a PDF.

Feesable offers a simple experience to help parents clearly understand school fees without the need to download, print, or make calculations themselves. Providing clarity, transparency and simplicity for parents in their fee research could be a major factor in their enrolment decision.

For Schools

Valuable enrolment enquiries.

Any parent who is genuinely interested in a school for their children will be looking at school fees. At this critical time of research and decision making, Feesable offers parents a simple way to gain the valuable information on school fees they seek, and provides an opportunity to enquire and find out more.

This enrolment enquiry gives schools valuable data to facilitate follow up, provide extra information and nurture prospective parents. Ultimately, Feesable will provide a flow of valuable enquiries to increase and sustain enrolments.

How it works

Create a custom fee calculator

A unique fee calculator is created by Feesable based on the specific fee structures, key information and custom branding for each school.

Embed the calculator on a school website

The custom Feesable fee calculator is embedded with the school website, typically on the fee information page.

Parents calculate their fees

Parents engage with the fee calculator to work out their fees based on their children's year group and year of entry.

Instant results plus email notification

Fee estimate results display instantly and are sent to the parent via email, plus a fee enquiry is sent to the school for follow up.

Data Insights

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total fees estimated
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avg. enquiries per school
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requested follow up

* Data extracted from 2020 Fee Insights.

Spending thousands on outdoor ads print advertising Google ads Facebook ads ...?

With a super low cost per enquiry and high contact request rate, on top of the positive brand experience – the Feesable fee calculator is an essential tool in your school marketing arsenal. Turn all that ad spend into valuable enrolment enquiries with the arguably the most effective tool for schools to convert website visitors into genuine enquiries.

Try the demo

Give the demo a go to get a better ideas of how the Feesable fee calculator works.


No. The Feesable fee calculator does not directly compare school fees. Parents will of course naturally be comparing fees between schools, with or without Feesable. So if multiple schools are using Feesable, then a parent may run the calculations and manually compare each, but Feesable does not offer a native way to view or compare these fees side-by-side.

Fees are just one of the many considerations in choosing a school, so we never intend to create direct comparisons in this way, so parents can make a more holistic decision, rather than focus on fees.

Great question. The traditional Fee Schedule PDF will remain a useful resource for schools, however in this day of modern technology, people expect more. We live in an age of convenience and clever apps that can do things easier and faster than traditional methods, so a PDF where a parent needs to download, understand and then manually calculate fees, really does not meet these modern expectations. In comparison, Feesable offers a simple & dynamic experience for parents to work out fees which will ultimately result in the parent having a better perception of your school.

Fees are a natural part of any research for parents looking for a school, so everyday there are parents viewing your fees page and downloading your fee schedule and working out the fees for themselves. If you could provide a tool to calculate the fees instantly for parents then deliver a nicely branded fee estimate email with more information and next steps to take – nice. What’s more, the school also has a chance to follow up, provide extra information and nurture prospective parents. Ultimately, Feesable is a vital tool for any school to help parents, and provide valuable enquiries to increase and sustain enrolments.

Feesable displays future year estimates, based on the current year fees. These are not a ‘forecast’ in the true sense, but rather used as an indication of what it may cost in future years, to help parents to plan and budget. This allows parents to estimate fees for children who may attend the school in future years, and cater for multiple children starting across different years (e.g. Sam starting this year, Molly starting next year and Jake starting in 2 years time).

Feesable is the “first of its kind”. We are unlike most other calculators that you might come across since Feesable was created with the single focus of accurately calculating school fees, and was purpose built for schools, and parents of school age children.

We spent countless hours in research, design and user experience, to build a product that would genuinely serve schools and deliver a simple and meaningful experience for parents. We’ve partnered with schools to work through many complexities and nuances that each school has in their fee structures and enrolment process to deliver a well-rounded product.

Feesable also pioneered ‘fee enquiries’ – the ability for schools to generate valuable enrolment enquiries from fee estimates.

Because of all this, we believe the Feesable Fee Calculator offers the best solution to accurately estimate school fees in a simple and meaningful way for parents.

We understand this concern. Our approach is that parents, if genuinely interested, will eventually find out the full fees of your school. We also believe that while fees are significant, they should not be the major deciding factor in a family choosing a school. It is therefore better to be as upfront and transparent as possible with your school fees. This will help parents to gain trust in your school and avoid any surprises for parents who apply only to find some ‘hidden costs’ they were unaware of – not a great start to their experience with the school.

Feesable can also be setup in many unique configurations to display your fees in a meaningful way, and can help parents to clearly understand any extra fees and importantly any discounts or fee relief options available. Please get in touch to explore the options and even get a custom demo.

We aim to deliver genuine value to our customers and continue to build upon, and improve our offering. So right now, we are not publishing pricing on the website, but are happy to share pricing information with anyone who asks. So please get in touch or request a custom demo, and we can send you more information on pricing.