Start building trust with families through a transparent fee experience that will bolster enrolments and create efficiencies.

All prices in Australian Dollar (AUD) and ex. GST. Terms and conditions apply.


$348 /yr

The essential features that help your school to build trust and provide transparency for families as they plan for the cost of education.

or $29/mth + processing fees
+ $390 once-off setup fee


$996 /yr

Access the full power of Feesable as an innovative solution to deliver excellent parent experience, boost enrolments and create internal efficiencies.

or $83/mth + processing fees
+ $390 once-off setup fee 



Add the Fee Calculator to your school website on the ‘Fees’ page (or any page) creating a seamless experience for parents as they research your school. *Starter plan can link out to a hosted version on

Embed in school website

Hosted on

Advanced sibling discounts

Help families work out what it costs to send multiple children to your school – Feesable will handle all the complexities of discounts and provide families with an accurate estimate.

Fee breakdown view

Promote transparency with a detailed breakdown of all the different fees, levies and charges included in the fee estimate – so there’s no surprises for families when it comes to enrolment.

Future years display

Help parents work out what it costs across multiple years into the future. This might include adding a new student in 2 years time, or simply visibility of fees into the future for planning & budgeting.

Multiple periods display

Help families to budget by displaying the fee estimate in multiple periods such as Per year, Per Month, Per Term, Per Week. *Limited to one extra period on Starter plan.


CPI on future years

Give families an accurate picture of what fees will look like in future years with a customisable* indexing on future year fees. *Fixed to CPI on Starter plan.


Email to parent

Give families an accurate picture of what fees will look like in future years with a customisable indexing on future year fees.

Email to school (new enquiry)

If a parent requests to learn more about your school, you will receive an email with details for follow up – this includes valuable data such as contact details, number of students, year groups and postcode.


Custom contact form

Setup the contact form to collect the information you need from families – choose required fields, add/remove fields, etc.


Email customisations

Only send emails to your school based on certain conditions such as, ‘Send if any new students’.



Allow families who have children spread across associated primary and secondary schools, or at different campuses, to calculate their fees in a single estimate, including cross campus/school discounts or levies.


Optional Discounts & Fees

Allow parents to include optional discounts such as staff discounts, or optional fees such as bus fees in their fee estimate.



Connect Feesable to your school systems such as school CRM for new enquiries, or school management systems and payment systems for a seamless experience for parents, and to create efficiencies for your internal processes.


Payment information display

Display important information to families so they can clearly understand the different options they have to pay their school fees. *Integrations with payment systems coming soon!


Sentiment Tracking Data

Track the sentiment towards your fees with feedback from families as they engage with the fee calculator.


Additional Internal Instance

Access to an extra instance of your fee calculator (2 total) with unique settings to use for current families or staff or admin teams. Extra instances can be purchased at additional cost.


Dashboard reporting (coming soon)

For schools to view and manage fee estimates, including simple ways to track new enquiries – export, or send to CRM systems. In depth reporting including leads, geographical and sentiment data.


Start building trust with families through a transparent fee experience that will bolster enrolments and create efficiencies.

All prices in Australian Dollar (AUD) and ex. GST. Terms and conditions apply.


$348 /yr

or $29/mth + processing fees
+ $390 once-off setup fee


$996 /yr

or $83/mth + processing fees
+ $390 once-off setup fee 

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"One question I rarely get is 'how much are your fees?' because they've already gone and done the Fee Calculator."


Emily Savery
Registrar - Hillcrest Christian College

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"The Fee Calculator has exponentially increased our online enquiries, and significantly added to our overall enquiries."


Ruth Thompson
Kuyper Christian School

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“The Feesable Fee Calculator has transformed the visibility of our fees for the better, and allowed us to have full confidence in our entire enrolment pipeline.”


Ben Fitzpatrick
Director of Marketing & Community Relations - All Saints' College

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"Enquiries are through the roof - We were taking enquiries via too many platforms so have recently streamlined them to the Fee Calculator and via the school website.

Katrina Telfer
Registrar - Carinya Christian School

“Feesable takes the pressure off, allowing you to spend more time on relationship management and nurturing new leads...


Brenton Luchow
Marketing & Communications Manager - Central Coast Adventist School

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"It's really helpful data that can be brought into a bigger picture narrative of how people are engaging with the College."


David Gray
Director of Mission & Community, Belmont Christian College

"We cannot recommend the Feesable Fee Calculator highly enough - it has become a key resource to assist and encourage new enquiries."



Brendan Wood
Green Point Christian College

"We are having lots of people utilise the calculator which is wonderful. Thank you for supplying such a useful product!"


Alison Atherton
Wyong Christian Community School

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I 'sign up' for the Feesable Fee Calculator?

Setup is simple! Your fee calculator can be setup and running on your website in under a week*.

Once you sign up, you will go through a simple onboarding process to gather the necessary information. Then Feesable will build your custom fee calculator and send to you for review. Once you are happy, your custom fee calculator will be ready to embed onto your website!

We offer 30 day terms for new customers which gives you plently of time to get it all setup and test before paying a cent! After 30 days, payment will be required to continue using Feesable.

*depending on customer responsiveness

What is included in the annual fee?

Depending on the plan selected, the annual fee includes all ongoing updates to the platform based on the features available to each plan. All new features will be available to the Premium plan, while some may also be available to the Starter plan.

Full support is available on all plans with minor modifications and changes included. Major changes or new custom requirements may involve extra cost.

What are the options for payment?

We offer a subscription pricing model as this delivers the best value to you as a customer with ongoing updates of your platform, and support.

We encourage an upfront annual payment, paid on invoice via bank transfer – this is the best value, and generally fits easily into school accounts workflows.

We can also offer payment per month by credit card, which incurs a small additional fee.

What if I choose to cancel?

Customers can cancel their subscription at any time. We have clear cancellation terms laid out in our subscription T&C’s which you can view as part of the sign up process, or we can send on request.

Our school has a PDF fee schedule, why do we need a 'fee calculator'?

Great question. The traditional Fee Schedule PDF will remain a useful resource for schools, however in this day of modern technology, people expect more.

We live in an age of convenience and clever apps that can do things easier and faster than traditional methods, so a PDF where a parent needs to download, understand and then manually calculate fees, really does not meet these modern expectations. In comparison, Feesable offers a simple & dynamic experience for parents to work out fees which will ultimately result in the parent having a better perception of your school.

Fees are a natural part of any research for parents looking for a school, so everyday there are parents viewing your fees page and downloading your fee schedule and working out the fees for themselves. If you could provide a tool to calculate the fees instantly for parents then deliver a nicely branded fee estimate email with more information and next steps to take – nice.

What’s more, the school also has a chance to follow up, provide extra information and nurture prospective parents. Feesable is a vital tool for any school to help parents, and provide valuable enquiries to increase and sustain enrolments.

How is Feesable different to other calculators?

Feesable is the “first of its kind”. We are unlike most other calculators that you might come across since Feesable was created with the single focus of accurately calculating school fees, and was purpose built for schools, and parents of school age children.

We spent countless hours in research, design and user experience, to build a product that would genuinely serve schools and deliver a simple and meaningful experience for parents. We’ve partnered with schools to work through many complexities and nuances that each school has in their fee structures and enrolment process to deliver a well-rounded product.

Feesable also pioneered ‘fee enquiries’ – the ability for schools to generate valuable enrolment enquiries from fee estimates.

Because of all this, we believe the Feesable Fee Calculator offers the best solution to accurately estimate school fees in a simple and meaningful way for parents.

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