Personalised school fee estimates for families

The Feesable Calculator helps your school to build trust with families while creating efficiencies for your admin team, and delivering qualified enrolment enquiries.


Advanced discounting including sibling and optional discounts

Future year fee projections, with customisable indexing (CPI)

Detailed fee breakdown view

Multiple periods display (per term, month, fortnight, week, etc)

Custom branding and email notifications

Multi school or campus


We know how important a connected ecosystem is for schools, so with our flexible API we connect to various school systems and other useful platforms to deliver seamless experiences for schools and families.

Digistorm Funnel

Google Analytics


More coming soon...

“It’s been a real game changer, for many reasons. For parents, but also for our team. We just couldn’t look back now and think that we could operate in any other way.”

Brendan Wood, Business Manager

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How Feesable can help your school

Building trust with parents

Transparency with fees breeds trust from very early interactions with families

More clarity on fees helps families to plan well and make better decisions

No big surprises or 'fee-shocks' on application offers a smooth enrolment and onboarding process

Boosting your enrolments

A highly effective way to generate genuine enrolment enquiries for your school

Super low cost per enquiry with clear visibility on ROI

Easily turn advertising spend into valuable enrolment enquiries

Creating internal efficiencies

Your admissions team will save countless hours with far less questions about fees

Generating new leads become effortless for your marketing team

Your finance team saves valuable time with our smart integrations and data processing solutions

How it works

1. We create a custom fee calculator for your school 

After signing up, Feesable will create a unique Fee Calculator based on the specific fee structures, key information, custom branding and specific requirements for your school. This will typically take just a few days.


2. You embed the fee calculator on your website

Once tested and approved, the Fee Calculator is embedded within the school website with a simple code, typically on the fee information page.


3. Parents calculate their fees

Parents engage with the Feesable Calculator to work out their fees based on the year group and year of entry for each child. Parents view the results instantly, and will be sent the fee estimate via email if requested.


4. You receive new enrolment enquiries

If parents request to be followed up and show interest in learning more about your school, the fee enquiry is sent to the school via email, and your school CRM if connected via integration, for follow up to discuss enrolment.


5. Your teams get more time

Your admissions team will save time with less emails and calls  with questions about fees – parents come to tours, interviews, and apply knowing what the costs will be. Your finance team saves valuable time with our smart integrations and data processing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our school has a PDF fee schedule, why do we need a 'fee calculator'?

Great question. The traditional Fee Schedule PDF will remain a useful resource for schools, however in this day of modern technology, people expect more.

We live in an age of convenience and clever apps that can do things easier and faster than traditional methods, so a PDF where a parent needs to download, understand and then manually calculate fees, really does not meet these modern expectations. In comparison, Feesable offers a simple & dynamic experience for parents to work out fees which will ultimately result in the parent having a better perception of your school.

Fees are a natural part of any research for parents looking for a school, so everyday there are parents viewing your fees page and downloading your fee schedule and working out the fees for themselves. If you could provide a tool to calculate the fees instantly for parents then deliver a nicely branded fee estimate email with more information and next steps to take – nice.

What’s more, the school also has a chance to follow up, provide extra information and nurture prospective parents. Feesable is a vital tool for any school to help parents, and provide valuable enquiries to increase and sustain enrolments.

How is Feesable different to other calculators?

Feesable is the “first of its kind”. We are unlike most other calculators that you might come across since Feesable was created with the single focus of accurately calculating school fees, and was purpose built for schools, and parents of school age children.

We spent countless hours in research, design and user experience, to build a product that would genuinely serve schools and deliver a simple and meaningful experience for parents. We’ve partnered with schools to work through many complexities and nuances that each school has in their fee structures and enrolment process to deliver a well-rounded product.

Feesable also pioneered ‘fee enquiries’ – the ability for schools to generate valuable enrolment enquiries from fee estimates.

Because of all this, we believe the Feesable Fee Calculator offers the best solution to accurately estimate school fees in a simple and meaningful way for parents.

Does Feesable compare fees across different schools?

No. The Feesable fee calculator does not directly compare school fees. Parents will of course naturally be comparing fees between schools, with or without Feesable. So if multiple schools are using Feesable, then a parent may run the calculations and manually compare each, but Feesable does not offer a native way to view or compare these fees side-by-side.

Fees are just one of the many considerations in choosing a school, so we never intend to create direct comparisons in this way, so parents can make a more holistic decision, rather than focus on fees.

What happens after I 'sign up' for the Feesable Fee Calculator?

Setup is simple! Your fee calculator can be setup and running on your website in under a week*.

Once you sign up, you will go through a simple onboarding process to gather the necessary information. Then Feesable will build your custom fee calculator and send to you for review. Once you are happy, your custom fee calculator will be ready to embed onto your website!

*depending on customer responsiveness

What is included in the annual fee?

Depending on the plan selected, the annual fee includes ongoing updates to the platform based on the features available to each plan. All new features will be available to the Premium plan, while some may also be available to the Starter plan.

Full support is available on all plans with minor modifications and changes included. Major changes or new custom requirements may involve extra cost.

Kuyper Christian School increased school tours by 15% with Feesable

“We’ve created a portal for connecting with people that wasn’t there before, which is a huge benefit.”

Ruth Thompson, Enrolment & Communications Manager

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