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Customer Stories

Green Point Christian College

“It has been a real game changer, for many reasons… for parents, but also for our team…we just couldn’t look back now…”

Kuyper Christian School

“We’ve created a portal for connecting with people that wasn’t there before, which is a huge benefit.”

All Saints’ College

“Since partnering with Feesable, the [enrolment] pipeline has hugely increased, and we can even see that initial enquiry become an event booking or personal tour.”

Mosman Prep

“I definitely would recommend Feesable. Mainly as another touch point of lead generation for you as a school. But also giving parents that ability to plan and real visibility of what the fees are, rather than a PDF where they have to work it out. It just offers real clarity.”

Central Coast Adventist School

“Feesable takes the pressure off, allowing you to spend more time on relationship management and nurturing new leads. Feesable have gone above and beyond to make the product work for our context.”

Hillcrest Christian College

“One question I rarely get is “how much are your fees?” because they’ve already gone and done the Fee Calculator.”


6 Ways to Improve the Parent Experience on Your School Website

Guest article written by Jacob Shultz, founder of Bolsta DigitalIn the quest to find the perfect school, parents are tasked with navigating a sea of school websites, each adorned with lofty visions of a bright and caring future.As a school marketing consultant, I am...

Beyond the data – a deeper dive on the School Fee Insights Report

Digging deeper into the Challenges and realities revealed in the 2023 Feesable School Fee Insights reportThe decision to send kids to a private school is a significant one for Australian families. Feesable is privileged to help facilitate this decision by assisting...

Best practice for a school website – the fees page

A school is a dynamic and active community, and as such there should be a constant flow of fresh information and content for marketing teams to keep flowing through a school website.One page however that does not get much attention is the school fees page. This page...

What does AI know about school fee transparency?

At Feesable, we are on a mission to help improve school fee transparency for families so they can make better informed decisions about their choice of school.We write about and research this burgeoning topic, but you don't just have to take it from us here at Feesable...

A Secret Weapon in your School Marketing Arsenal

Why the Fees page on your school website is so important and how to take advantage of this secret weaponThere’s two types of ‘secret weapons’ - those known by a chosen few and are used just at the right time, and those that are so secret that no-one really knows about...

What do school fees have to do with school marketing and admissions?

School fees are usually set by the finance team, approved by the board and leadership teams, and managed by the business office. Plenty of effort and consideration is put into setting the fees each year. Lots of time is spent sending statements, processing fees, and...

The Enrolment Journey – Engaging families early and effectively

Engaging early and effectively with prospective families is crucial for schools to sustain strong enrolments and create positive brand experiences. Every school has an array of connection points with current and prospective families, all of which need to be understood...

Why school fee transparency is essential for building trust

We all know that trust is a key pillar to building any brand, but it’s also a topic that continues to stump even some of the biggest brands around the world. From vehicle emissions to consumer goods or financial products, there seems to be an unending struggle and...

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