About Feesable

Our mission is to create simple and meaningful experiences that give more clarity and transparency to parents as they work out school fees, while helping schools to build trust and to generate valuable enrolment enquiries.

The Feesable Fee Calculator is the first of its kind – a purpose built product designed for schools.

Keeping things simple is our way. We deliver meaningful experiences and easy online interactions, while conveying valuable insights to schools.

We want to help make quality education accessible to more people.

That’s our big vision at Feesable, and we achieve this by:

  • Delivering a more engaging experience for parents that provides more clarity and transparency
  • Generating valuable insights for schools to help inform their fee and enrolment strategies
  • Helping schools to build trust with parents and establish a richer experience
  • Creating micro-giving opportunities that partner with organisations who offer support to those who need better access to education.

The Feesable Story

Feesable is an Australian-owned company, started by two Sydney based dads who want to make quality education accessible to more people. Having worked with schools, and with first hand experience as parents interacting with schools and researching fees, we created a solution that solves a genuine need.

We are driven by a Mission to create simple and meaningful experiences that give more clarity and transparency to parents as they work out school fees.

Our Fee Calculator is a simple tool that achieves this, but it offers a lot more insight on parent attitudes and trends, which can help schools shape their strategy and engage with parents.

Through this work we also support organisations such as The Smith Family, who help increase access to quality education.


Anthony is a designer, strategist and marketer who has a passion for creating meaningful solutions for the greater good.

With over 20 years working with small businesses, corporate, and not-for-profit organisations and schools, Anthony brings a rich understanding of commercial strategy to the for-purpose and schools market.

Anthony founded Feesable out of a desire to create a simple solution to help parents understand school fees, and also create a useful tool to assist schools as they interact with parents.

The vision that ‘it’s feesable’ to make quality education available to more people is a driving passion for Anthony as he seeks to lead and grow Feesable towards this vision.


Antony has worked in marketing, finance and technology for over 25 years.

Along the way he has also worked with international development and youth work organisations.

With his background in translating technology products into meaningful customer experience, Antony brings his heart for people together with a head for numbers and systems.

Antony started Feesable to create an outstanding product for schools and parents, while helping meet greater needs of those who have less opportunity.