All Saints' College increase enrolment conversions to an all-time high through a transparent process facilitated by Feesable

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* Unique data for 2023 from the All Saints’ College school fee calculator.

“We’ve cracked a 48% conversion rate since partnering with Feesable. I attribute this to making the entire process as transparent as possible.”

All Saints’ College is one of Australia’s leading independent Anglican co-educational pre-kindergarten to Year 12 schools in the southern suburbs of Perth. With around 1350 enrolled students, the College fosters a safe and collaborative environment that reflects the diversity of the wider community, helping to shape bright and responsible future community leaders.

Talking about fees can sometimes feel uncomfortable, especially for high fee schools — however, it doesn’t have to be this way. The value should be clear as fees represent the unique offering of a school, plus parents know that quality education costs money. So rather than hiding fees from prospective families, innovative schools are realising the value of making fees accessible and completely transparent – this is the journey All Saints’ took, and with outstanding results!

Being a high fee, and highly sought-after school, All Saints’ College needed a way to simplify fees, and make them more accessible for potential families. One goal of taking this new approach was to help fill their enrolment pipeline, not with ‘tyre-kickers’, but with suitable families and qualified leads.


A lack of confidence and transparency around high fees

All Saints’ College is a ‘high fee’ school, yet since partnering with Feesable have discovered the value of transparency, and gained confidence in clearly presenting their fees to prospective parents through the interactive School Fee Calculator. The Colleges’ Director of Marketing & Community Relations, Ben Fitzpatrick, says fees used to be somewhat hidden information on the school website, not at all easy to find.

"We didn’t make our fees obvious; [it was] a small hyperlink that sent visitors to a convoluted PDF. It felt like we’re a little ashamed to say that we’re a high-fee school, and it wasn’t a great user experience either."

A high-touch, high-traffic web page with a poor user experience

After digging into the data, Ben also identified that the fees page was among the Colleges’ most-visited website pages across the entire website, meaning that a crisper user experience could have an immediate big impact, and deliver more high-quality leads. Not only that, the Fee Calculator helps to filter out those for whom the fees are not financially feasible, hence saving the admissions team valuable time in handling enquiries that are ultimately unlikely to result in enrolments.

"We’d rather fees be visible early on so that families who weren’t the right fit could opt out and make our fee structure an early part of their decision-making process."


No longer wanting to be left behind with the latest innovations and technology, Ben sought to improve the user experience on the fees page and surface the fees in a meaningful and transparent manner — enter Feesable. Doing away with the traditional PDF fee schedule, the College went through the simple onboard with Feesable to set up their custom School Fee Calculator, and now deliver a rich experience to families, while generating qualified leads to fill their enrolment pipeline.

“Now, we see a natural progression from fee enquiry submission to booking a tour. It’s now an organic step in the enrolment journey.”


Enrolment conversions are now at an all-time high

Ben says The Feesable Fee Calculator has broken down barriers by providing prospective families with greater transparency and clarity around fees, while reducing fee-related questions. Perhaps the most significant benefit has been the increase in enrolment conversion since partnering with Feesable.

“We’ve cracked a 48% conversion rate since partnering with Feesable. I attribute this to making the entire process as transparent as possible for families, and giving them the information they need early on."

Ben notes that the fee page is now the Colleges’ second most popular web page, second only to the homepage, and has delivered more enrolment enquiries than ever before. 

“Since partnering with Feesable, the [enrolment] pipeline has hugely increased, and we can even see that initial enquiry become an event booking or personal tour."

Another beneficial feature for the College is the integration between Feesable and Digistorm Funnel, as Ben explains; “The Funnel integration is a real positive for us.” This integration seamlessly sends fee enquiries through to Funnel to allow the admissions team to easily track and nurture enquiries, and see the progression of leads through to enquiry. Ben continues, “We can now see the entire journey of leads from the initial fee enquiry, who then book a tour, submit an application and enrol. It’s very strong, and to have all that integrated makes it a really good end product for us, and the user.”

For Ben and the All Saints’ College team, The Feesable Fee Calculator has proven to be a highly effective and user-friendly product that has seamlessly integrated into their school website and systems. The partnership has sparked substantial growth and instilled newfound confidence around fees for the College and the families it serves.

"The Feesable Fee Calculator has transformed the visibility of our fees for the better, and allowed us to have full confidence in our entire enrolment pipeline."

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