Central Coast Adventist School creates efficiencies and boosts enrolment enquiries with Feesable

November 11 2022


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“For us, it’s the simplicity. Even prospective families comment on just how easy it was to get the information they need.”
– Brenton Luchow, Marketing & Communications Manager*

CCAS needed a simple solution for reducing communication touch-points while providing families with accurate, up-front information

Central Coast Adventist School (CCAS) is one of the oldest Christian schools on New South Wales’ idyllic Central Coast. Established in 1969 by a group of small yet passionate individuals, the school has a rich history and a world-class reputation within the region. Today, CCAS proudly educates over 1,000 enrolled students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 and employs around 130 staff. 

The small and busy team at CCAS spent too much time fielding questions about school fees and needed a simple solution for reducing communication touch-points while providing families with accurate, up-front information — enter the Feesable Fee Calculator! Through a trusted partnership, CCAS can now simplify complex fee information for prospective families and ensure the school’s growth by securely generating new enrolment leads.


Handling enquiries about school fees burdens an already busy team

As a dynamic, in-demand school, CCAS is used to receiving many enquiries from prospective families and many of these were about fees. However, providing families with individualised and accurate estimates was no easy feat without a simple way to break down costs.

CCAS Marketing and Communications Manager*, Brenton Luchow, explains that communication inefficiencies around fee information have a genuine impact on the team’s resources. He says lengthy phone conversations, back and forth emails, and even walk-ins stole precious time from more valuable tasks.

"We were looking for a way to simplify the process and make sure that we could give an accurate estimate to families without having to be on the phone for 15 minutes at a time."

Brenton Luchow
Marketing & Communications Manager, Central Coast Adventist School

Inconsistent data collection impacts enrolment processes

Brenton also explains that CCAS had no reliable system to easily and securely collect data from prospective families requesting fee information. Before partnering with Feesable, the school relied on time-poor staff to record information and lacked any formal process — making recording and tracking lead information difficult, which has a direct impact on new enrolments.

We had no way of easily capturing lead information. Calls would come in and, depending on who they went through to, and how busy they were, determined whether any data was captured at all… that information for future enrolment is really important to us.
– Brenton Luchow, Marketing & Communications Manager*


A customised solution that saves time, provides transparency, and captures lead data

Determined to fix productivity, enhance the customer experience, and provide families with more transparent fee estimates, CCAS discovered the Feesable Fee Calculator.

Working alongside Brenton and the team, Feesable created a customised fee calculator that was easily embedded on the school’s website, making sure that families could request a detailed and transparent fee breakdown, while securely recording lead information for the school — a win-win!


The Feesable fee estimate is now the first point of contact that families are having with the school, prior to school tour bookings or other forms of enquiry. Brenton says that Feesable now forms a key part of their enrolment funnel from the initial lead through to enrolment.


More leads, greater insights, and better relationships

Thanks to the Feesable Fee Calculator, the team at CCAS has reduced communication touch-points and gained back hours of valuable time, leaving more room for nurturing new leads.

Brenton also notes that gaining extra visibility over consumer behaviour allowed him to make more strategic decisions and create personalised marketing messages, saying, “We’ve got people that we can actually speak to and engage with where they’re at – just knowing what year group they’re looking for will help shape the messaging that goes out.”

For families, the benefits are just as big! With 24/7 access to the Feesable Fee Calculator, prospective families can request instant fee estimates, forecast costs, and make sure that CCAS is the right fit for their budget now and in the future. Plus, CCAS is getting started on the right foot with its future families by building transparency and trust from the very first interaction.

“Feesable takes the pressure off, allowing you to spend more time on relationship management and nurturing new leads. Feesable have gone above and beyond to make the product work for our context.”
– Brenton Luchow, Marketing & Communications Manager*

* Brenton has since left CCAS for another opportunity, but he is still a big supporter of Feesable, and very happy to share this story.

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