Kuyper Christian School partners with Feesable to help families make informed decisions, while seeing a 15% increase in school tours

August 8 2023


increase in enquires that led to tours


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One of the first things prospective parents want to know when exploring their child’s education options is the cost.

Kuyper Christian School is a Prep to Year 12, non-denominational Christian school located in the small town of Kurrajong — around an hour’s drive northwest of Sydney. The school was a vision brought to life in 1982 by a group of pioneering parents committed to providing authentic Christian education to nearby families. The school has since grown into a thriving community of over 200 students, with plans for site development and growth into a single-stream school.

One of the first things prospective parents want to know when exploring their child’s education options is the cost. But what if this step in the enrolment journey could be about more than just calculating fees?

That’s what the team at Kuyper Christian School had in mind when they partnered with Feesable! Through this trusted partnership, the school has made complex fee calculations a breeze for parents while creating a portal of connection for new families; read on to learn how.

The Feesable Fee Calculator does the math for families, and simplifies everything.


– Ian Shaw, Principal


Breaking down connection barriers with digital tools

Today, many parents fall into the Millennial generation, meaning schools with a strong digital focus are at the top of their list.

Ruth Thompson, Enrolment & Communications Manager at Kuyper, says manual forms or PDFs can be connection blockers for these prospective parents –

“You can put a PDF or a table on your website, but it’s not interactive and will lead to a phone call — but not for the right reasons.

There’s also a lot of work involved for parents, and no way to seamlessly invite them to indicate their interest – so the digital interaction of the fee calculator is a really key benefit.”

Families need accurate fee forecasting to make long-term decisions.

In addition to building connections, it’s no secret that families are feeling the pinch of inflation and rising interest rates, making budgeting and forecasting essential.

According to the school’s Principal, Ian Shaw, families should know education costs from the beginning, even before enrolling their child. He says being proactive and informed can help families make better decisions and alleviate some of the stress that comes with rising costs.

"Parents need the ability to plan and forecast what it might cost when the kids get to high school"

Ian Shaw
Principal, Kuyper Christian School

Allowing parents to make long term decisions about their children’s education.

Ian says The Feesable Fee Calculator is a game-changer by allowing prospective parents to take the guesswork out — especially when it comes to making long-term decisions about their children’s education.

“Simplicity is essential, particularly when schools like ours have discounts for multiple children. So we needed a tool that does the math for parents, gives them a transparent answer and provides us with an indication of their interest level.”

“We’ve created a portal for connecting with people that wasn’t there before, which is a huge benefit.”


– Ruth Thompson, Enrolment & Communications Manager


School tours have increased by 15% since partnering with Feesable

We’re proud to say that the data speaks for itself; according to Ruth, since partnering with Feesable Kuyper Christian School tours have improved year-on-year.

What’s more, Ian reports that school fees have all but been removed as a conversation point during the enrolment process because families already have the information they need.

The boosted connection between the school and prospective parents has been a highlight for Ian and Ruth since introducing The Feesable Fee Calculator. They no longer need to rely on overt and direct marketing, as families can simply indicate their level of interest in the school through the Feesable fee calculator.


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