Support: Digistorm Funnel Integration

October 6, 2021

Feesable is excited to partner with Digistorm, a leader in the Australian EdTech market, through integration of Digistorm Funnel CRM and the Feesable School Fee Calculator. This integration delivers the perfect combination of lead generation and management of enrolment leads and enquiries for your school.

Here is some basic information to give you a better idea of how it works and help get you up & running with your integration.

How the Integration works

This integration is essentially a one-way push of data from Feesable into Funnel. It is an instant and automatic push of data, triggered on a new Fee Estimate on a Feesable Fee Calculator, at which point the data is sent to Funnel. User data is not sent from Funnel to Feesable, however Feesable may store some data based on submission or query (look up) data in Funnel to check existing data, but otherwise no new data is sent back to Feesable.

What to Expect

The first release of the integration in October 2021 comes with all the core functionality you need to connect the two systems securely and send leads through from Feesable to Funnel. In the early stages, some features of the integration are still under development and as such will be available in future releases. We will of course keep you updated as new features are released.

Here are a few important things to know as you setup and start to use your integration for first time.

As part of your onboarding, Digistorm will setup some new fields in your Funnel account to handle the data from Feesable. Each lead from Feesable will have the following:

  • Contact details such as names, email, phone number and postcode (existing fields)
  • [New field] Enquiry Source: Feesable Fee Calculator
  • [New field] Are you happy for the school to contact you regarding your enrolment? YES (if you send all leads to Funnel, this could be NO)
  • [New field] What is your preferred contact method? Email or Phone
  • Year level: Year/grade user selected e.g. Year 7 (existing field)
  • Entry Year: Year user selected e.g. 2023 (existing field)

On a Feesable submission, if a child’s name has not been entered, the system will use the data entered to create a unique first name, in order to differentiate each child. The system will use ’Name_EntryYear_Grade’ – for example ‘Child_2022_3’. You can update this name in Funnel once you find out the child’s name.

New leads will be sent to Funnel conditionally – this will be based on your current email conditional setup. For example, if you have selected to send emails only for those who request contact, then only these leads will be sent to Funnel. Or if you have selected to have emails sent for all leads, then all leads will be sent to Funnel. You can request to change this setting as needed, and even have a different setting on emails to Funnel leads.

Your current email notifications will remain the same, however if you wish to change this setting, please get in touch. In the near future, we will be releasing an ’email digest’ feature that will send a digest of all enquiries sent within a given week.

In the future, all these settings, lead submissions, and Funnel integration logs will be available in an admin dashboard.


To get started, or if you have further questions, please contact [email protected].