Feature: Parent Sentiment Survey

July 11, 2023

At Feesable we are keen to deliver your school with rich data that can help to inform your enrolment and fee strategies. As such, we are rolling out a new feature that places a link to a sentiment survey in the Feesable experience.

The new panel with the link will appear on the ‘Breakdown view’ of the results screen on the app, and also at the bottom of the email that is sent to parents with the fee estimate.

The link will take the user to a very quick, two question survey that aims to gather information from families (parents) on their feelings or sentiment towards the school fees they have just viewed, and the broader overall experience of the fee calculator.

This link contains unique data to identify key elements such as the specific school and submission id, but importantly, this is an anonymous survey, so there is no identifiable personal data that is captured as part of this. This means from a privacy perspective, there is no major changes or implications for your school, or Feesable.


  • Does a school get access to view the data? The sentiment data for your school will be presented in the Feesable Portal (coming soon!) so you can gauge the current sentiment on your fees.
  • Is it possible to change the question text? You can request to change the initial question asked in the app, however at this stage, you can’t change the questions in the linked survey.
  • Is it possible to ask extra questions or delete questions? For best results, we aim to keep the questions very short and to a minimum. So at this stage, you can’t add or remove questions. However, in the future this may change.
  • What does Feesable do with the data? The data will be utilised by Feesable for more global reporting on trends across schools, which will be published in future publicly available reports.

No action is required, unless….

If you are keen to take advantage of this then you don’t need to do anything! If however, your school wishes to ‘opt-out’ of this new feature, or you have other questions or feedback, then please send an email to [email protected].