Feature Update – Term 1, 2022

January 18, 2022

We are continually working on new developments and improvement to the Feesable Fee Calculator. Some are minor and subtle improvements that aren’t so obvious, some are more major that have an obvious impact on the product. Over the last few months we have released some minor updates, plus we have been working on some more major developments that will be released this year. So at the start of a new year, we are going to focus on a few important things to come for the Feesable Fee Calculator in 2022.

New Embed Method

This update will bring improvements and added flexibility to the way the product is embedded on a website. There was a significant amount of technical work behind this update, but we won’t bore you with those details – overall it means that the fee calculator will embed more natively into your site, and hence deliver a better viewing experience for the user (which means an even better brand experience for your school!).

When this update is released, there will be some changes that need to be made to the embed code on your website. We will of course let you know once this is ready, so stay tuned.

Improved User Experience

We have been working through several major updates to the user experience (UX) for the Fee Calculator. As with all UX work, the goal is to deliver the best experience for the user (in this case parents and families) based on how users have been interacting with the product and customer needs.

Specifically we have been working through important updates to the contact form flow which will mean a more streamlined experience for the user, and more options for schools. In addition, we are making some changes to the flow of how the student information is gathered which will make the process easier for parents to understand and deliver better data for schools.

Email Digests

We are working on email digest features which will allow you to receive daily, weekly or monthly ‘digests’ of your fee enquiries. When this is released you may opt to turn off all instant notifications and just receive the digests, and also may expose some more data such as number of enquiries who opted not to be contacted. For those with the Digistorm Funnel integration this will be a helpful update as you can opt to receive the digests only, and simply manage your fee enquiries in Funnel.

And beyond…

We have many other new features on the roadmap, so here are a few highlights of what is to come in 2022 and beyond…

  • Parent Survey Features – we are working towards this value-add feature which will allow a school to ask simple follow up questions such as sentiment towards your fees or other important enrolment touch points.
  • Payment Option Discounts – the ability to display discounts for different fee payment options based on different instalments or user selections.
  • Admin Dashboard – this will be a significant update to help you manage your calculator settings, see the fee enquiries, view reports and manage your account.
  • Detailed Reporting – the dashboard will allow for reporting of various data points from your fee calculator and parent surveys which will help you to make better decisions about your enrolment strategies.
  • Key Integrations – connecting key systems in your edtech stack to Feesable will unlock some valuable solutions and process efficiencies.
  • and more to come…

Past Updates

Digistorm Funnel Integration

This is one past feature update worth highlighting! 

For any schools using Digistorm Funnel CRM, this new integration will be an exciting and welcome update. With this integration in place you will have the perfect combination of tools to generate and manage enrolment leads and enquiries for your school. Find out more or get started with the integration today. 

In case you missed previous updates, make sure you check out these features also:

  • Changes to Embed Display Options
  • Set custom Frequency display
  • Customise contact form fields
  • Send email to parents from school email address
  • Conditional email notifications

See past updates more info on these features.


Thanks for reading! If you have any feature requests, or even ideas to discuss, we are always keen to listen – so please get in touch.