Feature Update – Term 3, 2021

July 26, 2021

We continue to work hard on developing new features for the Feesable Fee Calculator. Here’s an update on what we have been up to lately.

Set Custom Frequency – NEW!

The fee calculator can now automatically breakdown fee estimates into multiple frequencies –

  • Per Year – the default display of annual fees
  • Per Term – annual fees divided by 4 (or can be configured to 3 terms)
  • Per Month – annual fees divided by 12
  • Per Week – annual fees divided by 52 (can be configured to any custom weeks)
  • Custom frequency – you can actually choose any custom frequency!
New frequency settings on the results screen
New frequency column in the results breakdown

A school can choose to display all four, or a minimum of one. If multiple frequencies are selected, a Primary and Secondary frequency will be specified. The default setup will display Primary: Per Year, Secondary: Per Term.

This new feature is planned for release at the end of July, and will apply to all calculators – so if you wish to change the default setting mentioned above, please contact us asap.

Customise Field Setup

A school now has more control over how the fields in the contact form are setup. The following options can be configured:

  • Show/hide fields – e.g. hide the Phone field from your form.
  • Require/un-require fields – e.g. make Email not required or make Phone required. Or even conditionally require fields – e.g. if Email is selected, make it required, if not selected, it remains optional.
  • Custom contact options – the current default are Email, Phone and I am just just researching... – any of these can be removed or other options added.
  • Custom contact text – customise the line of text before the contact options.

If you would like to update your calculator for any of these or have questions, then please get in touch.

Past Updates

In case you missed previous updates, make sure you check out these features also:

  • Send email to parents from school email address
  • Conditional email notifications

Click here for more info on these features.

Upcoming Features

  • Digistorm Funnel Integration – this has been a heavily requested feature and as many would know we are working hard towards completing this integration. All we can tell you now is that our testing is going well and we are close to a beta release – further updates on this to come soon!
  • Admin Dashboard – this will allow you to login and manage fee enquiry submissions, update settings on your calculator and more. Stay tuned.

Hot Tip: Multiple Embeds

A school can embed the Fee Calculator in more than one location on the website. For example, you can have it on the Fees page as usual, and also in the Parent Portal. You can even customise the setup of each for the particular use - so to continue the example, the calculator in the Parent Portal can have little or no contact form so current parents can quickly estimate fees without submitting any contact details - you could then use Feesable to notify your community of annual fee updates, and it also becomes a very handy tool for your community to help them with planning & budgeting.

Get in touch if you would like more information or other tips.


Thanks for reading! If you have any feature requests, or even ideas to discuss, we are always keen to listen – so please get in touch.