Feature Update – Term 3, 2022

August 29, 2022

Over the past few months we’ve continued to work hard on finishing off development of brand new features, plus enhancement to current functionality. With all the work done recently, the upcoming releases will see some major changes and improvements roll out – so stay tuned for more. Here is a snapshot of what we’ve been working on and what’s to come.

Reply-to Feature

Let’s start with something you can take advantage of right now! The new ‘Reply-to’ feature allows you to nominate an email address – such as [email protected] – and when a parent clicks ‘reply’ on the fee estimate email they receive, it will go directly to the nominated email. This makes it easier for the parent to get in touch, and means you won’t miss any important opportunities to follow up. If you would like to set this up, please contact [email protected].

Administration Portal

Moving on to the big ticket item. The Feesable Admin Portal is something we have been talking about and planning for some time now, but we are excited to report that development is well underway! So here is a little sneak peak of what you can expect…

View a list of your fee enquires on a Per Family basis showing children, grades, postcodes and more.

View a list of your fee enquires on a Per Child basis showing grades, start years, new students and more.

Filter, search and export your enquires to help you better manage your fee enquiries.

The portal will have a number of other features including various actions for each submission, viewing related fee estimates, user management, and more detailed reporting. In addition, in the near future you will have access to various settings and configuration options, giving you more control and flexibility to manage your fee calculator. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting release.

WordPress Plugin

For all those schools using the popular WordPress CMS, we are very close to releasing the new Feesable WordPress Plugin, making it super simple to add the Feesable Fee Calculator to your web site! This plugin will also allow you to make some basic changes to how the calculator is displayed on your site, giving you more control and flexibility. This will be ready for release very soon, so stay tuned.

Multiple Feature Updates

Many features and updates are closely intertwined, and as such, with the upcoming releases you will see multiple updates across the product including the ability to add payment information, improved contact form flow, various UI enhancements, and a more effective embed method – read more about these features in our past updates, and we will let you know as updates are released.

And beyond…

We have many other new features under development and on the roadmap – here are a few highlights of what is to come in 2022 and beyond…

  • Email Digests – we are working on creating an email digest features which will allow you to receive daily, weekly or monthly ‘digests’ of your fee enquiries.
  • Parent Survey Features – we are working towards this value-add feature which will allow a school to ask simple follow up questions such as sentiment towards your fees or other important enrolment touch points.
  • Detailed Reporting – the dashboard will allow for reporting of various data points from your fee calculator and parent surveys which will help you to make better decisions about your enrolment strategies.
  • Key Integrations – connecting key systems in your edtech stack to Feesable will unlock some valuable solutions and process efficiencies.
  • and more to come…


Thanks for reading! If you have any feature requests, or even ideas to discuss, we are always keen to listen – so please get in touch.