Feature Update – Term 1, 2023

February 28, 2023

We’ve been busy over summer here at Feesable, and with term 1 now in full swing, we continue to push forward with new feature development and the roll out of recently released features. Here is a quick update on the latest with Feesable product development.

New! Payment Information Display

We are excited to release a new feature for the Feesable School Fee Calculator which will enrich the experience for parents and families, and further enable schools to deliver more useful and relevant information to families.

The new Payment Information feature allows schools to display key payment information directly within the Fee Calculator. This information, presented at the exact time families are thinking about fees and how to afford or pay for these fees, is vital to assist parents in their decision making process as they consider the education options for their children. 

Learn more about this feature and how to add it to your fee calculator.

Detailed payment information screen

Installation Updates

We have started the roll out of an update to the way the Feesable Fee Calculator is installed on your school website. To date, we have employed the iframe embed method which is a reliable and popular way to install an app on a website, however it also comes with a few limitations. Hence, we have now upgraded to a direct injection of the app which is more efficient and seamless with your school website.

This new installation method does not change the core functionality of the Fee Calculator – it simply changes the way it is added to your website. It also brings with it a number of benefits – read the support article for more information.

For current customers, we encourage you to update in order to take advantage of the benefits – learn more about how to update – however the current iframe embed method will still work should you choose not to update immediately.

WordPress Plugin

With the installation update we are excited to also release a WordPress Plugin to make it simple for those schools who use the popular WordPress CMS. This is available now, and we will be adding more rich functionality to this in the future. Learn more and how to access the plugin in the installation information.

WIP: Administration Portal

Development of the Feesable Admin Portal is progressing and we hope to bring you further updates on this exciting release asap. Find a few more details in a previous update.

In the pipeline:

We have many other new features under development and on the roadmap – here are a few highlights of what is to come in 2023 and beyond…

  • Email Digests – we are working on creating an email digest feature which will allow you to receive daily, weekly or monthly ‘digests’ of your fee enquiries.
  • Pro-rata Features – the ability for parents to view fees from a certain point within a year to see the pro-rata fees.
  • Parent Survey Features – we are working towards this value-add feature which will allow a school to ask simple follow up questions such as sentiment towards your fees or other important enrolment touch points.
  • Detailed Reporting – the dashboard will allow for reporting of various data points from your fee calculator and parent surveys which will help you to make better decisions about your enrolment strategies.
  • Key Integrations – connecting key systems in your edtech stack to Feesable will unlock some valuable solutions and process efficiencies.
  • and more to come…


Thanks for reading! If you have any feature requests, or even ideas to discuss, we are always keen to listen – so please get in touch.